Keep Hope Alive - charity event at Pepperdine

One out of three Filipino children is abused in many forms including sexual abuse and physical abuse. To help 'Hope Worldwide - Philippine' help those Filipino children in need, Pepperdine Asian Student Association brought "Keep Hope Alive", a benefit concert, to Pepperdine University campus amphitheater.

Keep hope alive is organized by Pepperdine Asian Student Association to bring awareness to Filipino Children who are victims of physical and sexual abuses. One out of every Three kids in Philippines are suffering from abuses yet there aren't enough care system to help these kids.

HOPE Worldwide Philippines focuses on helping those kids out by building treatment center for abused children. The Center of HOPE worldwide - Laguna offers short-term and long-term residential care for those kids. Furthermore, the center provides education to become socially functional by develeloping a sense of hope. Hope Worldwide Philippines also offers community programs, providing day care system and drop-in programs.

Even though concert was held at an amphitheater on a very cold night, many students came out to support the cause and listen to their favorite artists. Jennifer Chung, The Nehemiah Band, Clara Chung, and Gabe Bondoc performed for the night.

For more information about the cause please visit HOPE Worldwide-Philippines

Jennifer Chung

The Nehemiah Band

Clara Chung

Gabe Bondoc


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