Carnival - B&W Prints Scan

This is the series I submitted as final assignment for my photography class. Art 350A
titled : Carnival

-How I got these shots-
I ran a 35mm film through a Holga without using a 35mm mask. The 35mm mask usually blocks off unnecessary lights so images can be exposed on the area between sprocket holes. By not using the 35mm mask, film will be exposed top to bottom.

- Misc. Stuff -
Camera : Holga 120N (thanks Veronica for letting me use her camera)
Film : Arista Premium 400 (which is re-branded Kodak Tri-X 400)
Dev. : Normal development
Print : printed on Arista Edu RC VC Pearl


Erisabetsu-chan said...

very nice :)

Jen May said...

I love this method. LOVE!