2010-05-15 Los Angeles Vendy Award

If you remember my old post about LA street food fest, you would understand that I was very skeptical about this event.

My good friend Matt invited me to Los Angeles Vendy Award. The event has a long history in the city of New York. The event was brought to Los Angeles to promote and help street vendors.

This event was very different from the disasterous LA Street Food Fest. It was smaller in scale, more organized, and pricey.

Yes, the entry fee might have been a turned off point for many people. But compared to LA Street Food Fest, it was well worth it. No waiting in line for one hour. No walking through thousands of people. Instead you pay the flat entrance fee and the food is included. Because it wasn't too crowded, you could actually have conversations with vendors and ask them questions.

I hope to see some changes in next LA Street Food Fest.


Veronica said...

im hungry now after having looked at this post in the morning :(