My busy month of July.

As you've noticed, I haven't updated for whole month of July. It's been a crazy month with many events and things happening. Here are few (well not few.. but ye) pictures to tell the story of July.

-=Sylvia and Anthony Wedding=-
Sylvia and Anthony got married on July 3rd at a beautiful Japanese Garden in Little Tokyo Los Angeles. It was just a blessing wedding and I was so happy to be their guest/friend/photographer.

Congratulation once again Sylvia And Anthony!!!!!!!!!

-=All Nations Church High School Graduation Service=-
High School students had graduation service in July 11th. Seniors took times to have a speech and moved on to college group (now our English Ministry)

-= Natura Bar in Los Angeles =-
My friend Matt ( ) invited me to visit his friend's brand new juice bar.
The Natura Bar offers fresh Mexico style juices and ice creams that were very unique and delicious to my tongue. Fruits and Veggies were so fresh and ice creams were just delightful. My favorite drink was the "Choco Milk"

-= Visiting Getty Villa =-
My friend Bryan and I visited Getty Villa with our camera. This was my 2nd time visiting and I was just as amused as first time.

-= Creative Juice 2 =-
On July 17th, Creative Juice 2 was hosted by KACMedia.

-= CEF Summer Camp =-
I was given an opportunity to serve at CEF summer camp this year and I really had fun! Leading a group of elementary school kids isn't really my thing, but it was still a blessing and I met so many nice people.

-= ANC High School Summer Retreat =-
Once again, another retreat. I was so tired through out the retreat, I couldn't really take that many photos. Rather, I focused hard on getting some good group photos and kids seem to like em.

-= Simon Cho =-
Simon Cho is a Bronze Medalist, skating for team USA. He's also a Korean. I was invited to his small informal fan meeting to take few shots and have Korean bbq. If you ask me, that's a pretty sweet combination. Meeting new people and eating delicious food. LOVE IT!


Anna Park said...

WOW it seems like you had an awesome july!

hope august-dec is filled with more exciting and awesome activities.
i love seeing your pics. hehehe

keep up the good work frank. :D

Ginerd said...

You have some reallly great shots!:D
Good luck this school year being Mr.Photo Club President!!
Was Pastor John the guest speaker at the retreat???