Moving On.

My blog has been moved to a new place for a while. I was just too lazy to post it here.

Since my last post...

Since my last post, I've been way too busy with school. I've neglected this blog for my other blog too. (if you haven't checked it out, )

Here's another quick recap since my update.

-CSUN Photo Club's Photo Day-
Bunch of club members showed up to take pictures at Pasadena. It was fun. :)

-= CXLiVE =-

-= Tim Be Told =-

-= Shoot with Angela Choe =-

Beauty Shoots

I've taken following shots for 'beauty shot' assignment.
The shoots were ton of fun and learned so much from it.
Thank you all who helped out. Appropriate credits below the each image.

Model: Vanessa Zuniga
MUA: Nicole Rofeim
Assistant: Lya Lim

Model: Tyler Kain
MUA: Amy Ha

Holga Adventure

I've finally purchased my own Holga from Freestyle Photo store.
Since then, I've already ran through three films.

Here are few of my favorites, hope you like them.



[western rider]

[from 118w to 5s]

Lame post for August

orry for posting a lame post.... here's 5 photos from August... sorry