Los Angeles Street Food Fest - very first one, the FAIL

The very first, Los Angeles Street Food Fest happend on Feb 13th, 2010. Like many people in Los Angeles, street food truck has been a trend for while now.

Some smart person decided bring all those trucks in to one place.

Result? From my experience, FAIL!

I had to wait 30-40 min to buy the ticket.
The ticket was $5 dollar and came with a small can of some random soda.
Once I got in, there were millions of people. Each truck, selling their popular items, had at least 50-100 people per truck.
Oh and, the foods were selling at a regular price.

It was just impossible to try many different trucks. Waiting in line like you would at an amusement park, didn't help the appetite. It just made me thirsty.

Sure, foods were good. But the whole experience wasn't pleasant and didn't make sesne.
Why did I have to wait so long, pay $5 just to get in, wait MORE, and pay regular price for food that I can get at any day?

I enjoyed looking through these pictures more than the food I had.

NEVER AGAIN! (unless, of course, they change how it runs)


Jen May said...

The girl with the sunglasses framed in a...I'm not sure what it is...but that's my fave shot in your series. Hopefully they do change it second time around because it sounds like a great concept

Veronica said...

You went with Susan, Stella, and Frank? That's so random! No wonder Fla asked me for your number. How did this meeting happen? haha

enomooshiki said...

jen : the girl was inside the tiny icecream truck. yes i love how the window framed her. and she had great smile!

veronica : i met them there. loL i know, very random. my other friends whom I was supposed to meet there didn't come.